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Maine Bear Hunting

Directory of 25 Maine Bear hunting lodges, guides and outfitters in Maine.

Homestead Lodge Maine
871 Oxbow Road, Oxbow, Maine 04764
Phone: (207) 435-6357

Maine trophy bear hunting success begins when you choose the location of your hunt. And Northern Maine has the largest black bear population in North America and is growing every year.

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Bosebuck Mountain Camps
2013 Parmachenee Road, Errol, Maine 03579
Phone: (207) 670-0013

Bosebuck Mountain Camps offers a quality bear hunt over bait. We limit each of the four available weeks to no more than 6 hunters to be sure each person gets the attention they deserve for a quality hunt. We have access to a very large parcel of gated property, which had never been commercially hunted until 2004 by Bosebuck guests. This area has an abundant population of large bear in a mountainous, remote setting. Our strategically placed sites are equipped with double ladder stands that provide enough room even if you choose to have another person accompany you. Being located behind a gate allows us to offer bait hunting for all 4 weeks of the season without the worry of interference.

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Bull Moose Wilderness Adventures
658 Osgood Rd, Springfield , Maine 04487
Phone: (207) 740-0200

We offer some of the best bear hunting over bait in the State of Maine. Many of these sites have been maintained for decades and are proven to produce great bears year after year.

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Camp Katahdin Adventures
23 North Raymond Rd, Grey, Maine 04039
Phone: (800) 621-8203

For a challenging hunting adventure, the American Black Bear tops them all! Size, strength and with a nose that rivals state of the art military radar, makes the pursuit of Ursus Americanus one of North America’s greatest hunting experiences. There are several methods to successfully hunt Black bear. We will happily discuss and design your hunt to meet your needs and preferences to insure your chances for success.

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Cedar Ridge Outfitters
3 Cedar Ridge Dr, Jackman, Maine 04945
Phone: (207) 668-4169

With the largest population of black bears on the entire east coast, Maine is quickly becoming a premiere destination for bear hunters from all over the country and the Jackman region is no exception.We have one of the most plentiful concentrations of black bears in the State of Maine. Big game hunting is popular in Maine. Over the past ten years, the local annual bear hunting harvests have yielded anywhere from 50 to 150 bears, ranging in weight from 100 to over 500 pounds. We have some bruisers here. We're just looking for people to hunt them and would especially enjoy helping our next generation of hunters take their first bear. We strongly encourage youth hunting - children are always welcome at Cedar Ridge.

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Dillon's Gunsmoke Lodge
352 Stickney Hill Road, Brownville, Maine 04414
Phone: (207) 965-8875

Maine has only one species of bear and that is the Black Bear. The only color variations usually shown are a white patch on the chest at times and some bears are all black on the snout and some have brown. Large boars (male) can grow up to live weights of over 600 pounds. The sows (females) tend to be smaller and can grow to over 300 pounds.

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Foggy Mountain Guide Service
131 Ladd Rd, Sebec, Maine 04481
Phone: (207) 564-3404

Hunt in perhaps the most beautiful country in the world. You will be surrounded by an explosion of fall foliage color and you will never be too far from a delicious Maine lobster dinner. Foggy Mountain offers bear hunts in two of Maine's most bear infested regions. Both areas are on private lands with access controlled by gates, as are 95% of our total hunting territories. Bear hunting success is the same in both areas, but our accommodations are different.

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Grove Hill Outfitters
125 Big Pine Drive, Brownville, Maine 04414
Phone: (207) 751-1285

Our Black Bear Hunts include 5 days of hunting, and 6 nights of lodging with deluxe accommodations and meals. Hunts can be custom tailored to meet your hunting needs. A Maine Hunting License and Bear Permit IS required from the State of Maine for Black Bear Hunting. (Online Hunting License & Permit) Although Black Bear Hunts are NOT guaranteed, we will put you on an active bear site that has been baited for weeks prior to your arrival. Payment is due regardless of whether a bear is harvested or not.

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Hillside Game Ranch
Aurora, Maine 04408
Phone: (207) 584-2004

Everyone has a passion - something that drives them every day. For Scott Beede it's bear season in Maine. You will not find a more passionate guide when it comes to bear hunting. You’re sure to have the most exciting hunt of your life. It makes no difference if you come the first week of bear hunting or the last. You’ll get treated the same and hunted just as hard. Scott plans all year for a successful bait season. He’ll do whatever it takes to get you that bear.

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Libby Sporting Camps
Oxbow Rd, Ashland, Maine 04732
Phone: (207) 435-8274

Libby Camps offers a high quality bear hunt in the wilds of Northern Maine for a limited number of hunters. Master guide, Matt Libby has been guiding bear hunters since 1968. He has expanded his hunts since the logging roads linked his bear1camps to the 2.5 million-acre wilderness known as "The North Maine Woods" in the early 1990's. Matt exclusively leases the right to hunt on nearly 100,000 acres and his area abuts the northern boundary of Baxter State Park, a protected haven for bears

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Northeast Wilderness Outfitters
296 Cressey Road, Monmouth, Maine 04259
Phone: (207) 933-6107

Northeast Wilderness Outfitters specializes in Maine black bear hunting. Our bear hunts are with the use of bait. We only take a limited number of hunters per week. Our stands are set up to accommodate you with whatever weapon you choose to hunt. We have tree stands or ground blinds set up for you to hunt from, or you may bring your own. We plan on at least 2 bait sites per hunter and we utilize trail cameras on the bait sites prior to your arrival to determine what sites are the most active. Bear sizes average 150 lbs, although we have shot many over 300 lbs. Meals, lodging, transportation to and from your bait site and skinning and quartering of your bear is included in the price of the hunt. There are no hidden fees.

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OMM Outfitters
Eagle Lake, Maine 04739
Phone: (207) 444-7529

A Maine Black Bear Hunt. Now this is where the fun begins, the feeling of having a trophy black bear only yards from your tree stand. The rush is intense and OMM makes it possible. Or, try an action-packed bear hunt with hounds. With the help of our game cameras pursue that record book Maine black bear you've been dreaming about.

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Oxbow Outfitters
Sheridan Road, Ashland, Maine 04732
Phone: (207) 435-6140

To have consistent success in bear hunting it involves a team effort coordinated well in the advance of the season. With baiting starting 30 days prior to the opening day of the season, we work countless hours setting up locations and baiting bears. The expansive area we have to hunt allows us to maximize the number of hunting stands with no overcrowding or hunting of any area. Our team oriented philosophy combined with the unique and highly populated bear hunting area truly creates one of the best bear hunting camps in the country.

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Penobscot Bay Guide Service
118 Nickerson Road, Searsport, Maine 04974
Phone: (207) 322-7919

All of our Maine Bear Hunts are on private leased land. This assures that we are the only ones hunting those sites. Our tree stand sites for Maine Bear Hunts are all platform ladder stands or portable loc-on stands. The stands you will be set at are guaranteed to be active bait sites. The baits are all pre-baited by your Maine Bear Guides. All of the stands will be 12' to 20' off the ground and will be 15 to 30 yards from the bait site for the best shots for your Maine Bear Hunts. Black Bear are big animals and we recommend that you hunt with a rifle no smaller than a .243 cal or a shotgun with slugs when on Maine Black Bear Hunts. If you would like to use a bow you must use broadheads no smaller than 7/8" when on Maine Black Bear Hunts. All Maine Bear Hunts are from the lodge and we provide cooked meals. Maine Bear Hunters are taken to the satnads and picked up atthe stands by the guides. We provide tracking services if needed.

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Pine Grove Lodge
823 Ridge Rd, Bingham, Maine 04920

Our guided hunting trips are all inclusive, with delicious, home-cooked meals, clean & comfortable lodging, necessary transportation and equipment, and the best guide service around! Bob Howe, owner, has been guiding sports for over 38 years! He is highly regarded in his field by other guides and outfitters, and recommended by many. Currently offering guided trophy deer hunts, snowshoe hare hunts, black bear, turkey, wild upland game bird, and coyote hunting.

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Pleasant River Guides
289 Pleasant River Rd, Milo, Maine 04463
Lodge: (207) 943-5840

Our fully guided black bear hunts include 6 days of hunting with 7 nights lodging, 3 delicious home cooked meals a day, transportation while hunting and field dressing of your bear. All black bear hunts are on active bait sites with comfortable metal ladder stands or ground blinds. We use numerous trail cameras to determine which sites are the most active, the time of day the bears are feeding and the size of the bears using a particular site. We limit the number of bear hunters we take to a maximum of 6 hunters per week, allowing us to provide a better hunting experience for everyone!

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Smoldering Lake Outfitters
129 Snow Road, Bridgewater, Maine 04735
Phone: (207) 429-0910

Special consideration and effort go into the preparation of each hunting site. Limiting the number of sites and only harvesting one animal per site, annually, help us to manage excellent trophy quality in our bear hunting area. Site preparation begins with consideration of local food sources, travel routes, prevailing winds, and most importantly cover. Most sites are arranged with 15 to 20 yard shot distances on this weapon of choice hunt.

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Spaulding Lake Outfitters
441 Ridge Rd, Oakfield, Maine 04763
Phone: (207) 420-1040

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Stony Brook Outfitters
55 Morrison Hill Road, Wilton, Maine 04294
Lodge Phone: (207) 778-4077, Cell Phone: (207) 491-8765

Maine has the largest black bear population in the Northeast and we are committed to helping you bag one of these trophy animals. We personally guide and transport you to your baited bear stand, bait your site for you, and pick you up after shooting hours. While you are on stand we are baiting other sites in the area to ensure that you have an active site later in the week, if needed. We have approximately 250 sites that are kept active by baiting every day or Our dog handlers have been running hounds since their youth and work as a team with the hounds on the hunt.

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Sunrise Ridge Guide Service & Sporting Camps
117 Donigan Road, Bingham, Maine 04920
Phone: (207) 672-5551

We offer many types of black bear hunts in order to provide "the trophy Bear hunt of your dreams". Better yet, with each package, if you stay in our cabin rentals, all meals are included (unless otherwise specified).

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Sunset Ridge Outfitters
Howland, Maine 04448
Phone: (207) 266-1306

The bear hunting season starts the last Monday in August and continues thru the third week in September. All of my bear hunts are on private land behind locked gates. We have the finest black bear set ups found anywhere. All of my baits are red hot and we only take small groups, so you won't feel like you're reporting to basic training or just a number in the crowd. We hunt hard and have lots of fun!

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The Bradford Camps
PO Box 729, Ashland, Maine
Phone: (207) 746-7777

We offer Maine black bear hunts starting the last Sunday in August. We have exclusive Maine bear bait hunting rights to 70,000 acres, limit the number of people on the bear hunt to 15 each week, and always have extra stands available that are active. We cater to rifle, bow and handgun black bear hunting. This is a completely guided bear hunt, all inclusive: License, tags, guides, meals, lodging, even the tax is included. Success rates will vary from a low of 50% to a high of 100%; a lot depends on the weather and the natural feed available to the bear. Our year averages are substantially better than the average for bear hunts in Maine, meaning we are always above the Maine hunting average. The hunt is fully guided with a maximum of five hunters per guide and we limit our bear hunt to just two weeks in the season. This means that our Maine bear hunts are guaranteed an active stand site and that the best stands are always available. References are available for what many know is the best Maine bear hunt in the eastern U.S.

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Three Rivers Wingshooting
373 River Road, Milo, Maine 04463
Phone: (207) 943-7943

Three Rivers Wingshooting is a privately owned and operated pheasant and quail hunting preserve located in central Maine. Hunts are operated seven days a week. Guided hunts are available if needed, or hunter can walk groomed trails on his/her own. Hunters are welcome to bring their own bird dog or, with advanced notice, a dog and handler can be provided. The preserve is located on acreage that offers open fields with great cover for upland game birds, groomed trails and river water access. Three Rivers Wingshooting also offers large game hunts such as moose, deer and bear. Please call for more information.

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Upcountry Guide Service
84 Rockwood Estates, Gardiner, Maine 04345
Phone: (207) 441-0494

Bear over bait hunts provided. Hunt over proven bait sites for trophy bear. Includes lodging, all meals and guide services. Late August and September. Whether you're looking to book a bear hunt, bird hunt, fishing trip or canoe trip, I know UpCountry Guide Service can provide a memorable experience!

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