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Homestead Lodge Maine

Homestead Lodge Maine

871 Oxbow Road
Oxbow, Maine 04764

Contact Info:
Phone: (207) 435-6357


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Maine trophy bear hunting success begins when you choose the location of your hunt. And Northern Maine has the largest black bear population in North America and is growing every year. Aroostook County is known for its endless miles of primeval forest and shadowy bogs which lure hunters from all over the world in their quest for that all time trophy bear! Hunting success continues when you choose your Outfitter. Homestead Lodge wants you to go home with the bear trophy of your dreams and we have the knowledge, skill, and experience to make it happen. We do not just open a camp for the Maine bear hunting season we live and work here year round. We are legally allowed to bait for 30 days prior to the season opening and we bait all 30 days. Maines Top Bear Hunting Outfitter