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Bosebuck Mountain Camps

Bosebuck Mountain Camps
Mike & Wendy
2013 Parmachenee Road
Errol, ME 03579

Contact Info:
Phone: (207) 670-0013


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Bosebuck Mountain Camps offers a quality bear hunt over bait. We limit each of the four available weeks to no more than 6 hunters to be sure each person gets the attention they deserve for a quality hunt. We have access to a very large parcel of gated property, which had never been commercially hunted until 2004 by Bosebuck guests. This area has an abundant population of large bear in a mountainous, remote setting. Our strategically placed sites are equipped with double ladder stands that provide enough room even if you choose to have another person accompany you. Being located behind a gate allows us to offer bait hunting for all 4 weeks of the season without the worry of interference.