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British Columbia Bear Hunting

Directory of 15 British Columbia Bear lodges, guides and outfitters in British Columbia.

DB Outfitting
15120 Quick Road West, Telkwa, British Columbia V0J2X2
Phone: (250) 267-2290

If you are looking for a big black bear, British Columbia is the premier hunting location in Canada. With an estimated population of 160,000 bruins, our black bear hunt is exciting, with an extremely high success rate.

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Backcountry BC and Beyond Ltd
Cassiar, British Columbia V0C1E0
Cell: (250) 919-0184

The area is approx. 3300 sq. miles (2,112,000 Acres) of pristine wilderness. It is considered to be one of the best hunting areas in all of Canada. With almost no resident hunting pressure or access to 95% of the hunting concession, you will feel like it’s untouched. Everything has to be flown in via floatplane or long horse pack train. There is no riverboat access to the area either. In all, there are approximately 70 Lakes (lots of which have great fishing) in the area and 1 River, which offer some type of floatplane access. We have many established camps throughout and will be increasing our number of camps in the near future to hunt new, unexplored habitat. Hunters arrive in Whitehorse, Yukon (if flying) with multiple flights daily from Vancouver, Calgary and even Europe. Generally we allow a night in Whitehorse then a short 2 hours drive to Atlin the following day, followed by a scenic float plane jump to camp. The area is mostly known for its amazing Canadian Moose (both quality and numbers) and also arguably BC’s greatest Mountain Caribou herd. We also have some awesome Stone Sheep rams, True Mountain Grizzly, a healthy Goat population, elusive Wolves and Wolverines and the occasional Black Bear. The elevations of the lakes and rivers range from 2,000 – 5000 feet. Most of the mountains in the area are quite rough and steep with the highest peaks stretching between 7,000 & 9,000 ft

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BC Guide Outfitters
PO Box 3159 , Kamloops, British Columbia V2C 6b8
Phone: (778) 349-0105

Hunt Grizzly with BC Guide Outfitters. Between our hunting territories we hold a hand full of extremely sought after Grizzly tags. We have established a method of hunting for almost any age and physical ability.We offer spring and fall hunts and boast a very high Grizzly population. BC Guide Outfitters is now one of the top Black Bear operations in British Columbia. Our consistent harvest of extra large Black Bears, as well as, our high density of color phase, has set us apart from the rest.

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Bear Lake Guides & Outfitters
Box 82, Grasmere, British Columbia V0B 1R0
Cell: (250) 421-8085, Office: (250) 887-3444

Our hunting territory is known for impressive size Interior Grizzlies. The rich vegetation offers ideal habitat for a healthy grizzly population. This area has produced record book interior grizzly bears, and according to BC Fish and Wildlife has one of the highest grizzly densities in North America. Due to the excellent food supply in our area, the black bears grow to impressive sizes. In addition the heavy timber provides an ideal sanctuary for the bear population. Most black bears harvested measure 6' plus, with about 10% taken in the 7' plus range. The skull sizes vary from 18" – 20" plus. Our success rate is extremely high.

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Coastal Inlet Adventures
2678 Weldwood Rd, Powell River, British Columbia V8A 0L4
Phone: (604) 487-0682

Coastal British Columbia (BC) of Canada has arguably the highest population of Black Bears per square mile in North America. The mild climate provides the Canadian Black Bears in British Columbia (BC) with a very long feeding season starting in the early spring and ending in the late fall on the salmon spawning rivers. With abundant food and virtually no hunting pressure it's easy to see why BC Coastal Black Bears grow to such a large size.

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Driftwood Valley Outfitters
Box 403, Prince George, British Columbia V2L 4S2
Phone: (250) 964-0511, In Season: (403) 987-0264

The season opens September 6th and we can stalk grizzly bears until September 26th successfully. This river is packed with Chinook, or as some call them, "king salmon". Grizzlies love fish, but this is one species that they cannot refuse. There are about 15,000 to 20,000 fish in the Bear River splashing and fighting for the best spawning grounds. Spring black bear hunting starts in mid May and runs until the end of June, when the bear's coats are in prime condition. The bears range in size from 6' to 7 ½’. Losing up to 1/3 of their body weight over the winter, these bears can still weigh as much as 400 lbs. Success on the spring bear hunts is typically 100%. The hunts from our Babine Lake camp also offer fantastic fishing at this time of year for big rainbow and lake trout.

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Fredlund Guide Service
13385 215 Rd , Dawson Creek, British Columbia V1G 0H4
Phone: (403) 638-1368

In British Columbia, we can offer a very wide range of black bear hunting opportunities. There are both spring and fall seasons for British Columbia Black Bear hunts. During Black bear hunts in the springtime hunters are in search of the succulent new vegetation. While black bear hunting in British Columbia, you can expect to glass south-facing slopes, cutblocks, as well as stalk along river bottoms and pipelines. In British Columbia we can offer a very wide range of grizzly bear hunting opportunities. British Columbia has both spring and fall seasons for grizzly bear hunts.

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Green Lake Outfitters
2978 Mellor Road, Cranbrook, British Columbia V1C 7C8
Phone: (250) 427-3914

All bear hunting is done from ladder, or lockon stands. The lock on stands are the arm chair type and are very comfortable. All bear hunting is done in the afternoon most bear hunters spend the morning relaxing or fishing in the nearby river or lake. All bear hunters using a rifle must dress the same as deer hunters. Bear hunters using a bow can be fully dressed in camo. Bear hunts are of a six day duration Monday through Saturday.

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McGregor River Outfitters
2060 Croft Rd, Prince George, British Columbia V2K3C9
Phone: (250) 614-3488

The McGregor River drainage has a long and well known history of supporting a high density of huntable mountain grizzly bears. Bears range in size anywhere from 7 1/2 - 9 foot square with many skulls surpassing the B & C minimum of 24 inches. Colors range from classic silver and blonde to rich chocolates, rusts and even cinnamon. Feeding bears will be located and then a stalk formulated. The vegetation rich west slopes of the Rocky Mountains combined with the strong annual blue and huckleberry crops make our black bear hunting some of the the best in the business.

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Mountain Spirit Outfitters
Box 6564 Hinton, Hinton, British Columbia T7V 1X8
Cell: (780) 817-4349, Camp: (778) 417-0047

BC is well-known for the abundant numbers of black and grizzly bears, and our area has not been short-changed. These healthy populations will fill your hunts with multiple black bear sightings and stalks. We provide guided black bear hunts during the spring and fall. Hunters looking for good trophies can expect great results; sizes range from 6′ and better. During the spring our hunts proceed along de-activated logging roads and clear cuts, where the bears forage for fresh foliage. The fall takes us into higher country where the sugary huckleberry bushes are by the thousands and the scat is purple along with your own tongue. During the fall season, black bear can be combined with moose or mountain goat. Spot and stalk is the main method of hunting; what a rush doing the sneak on an unsuspecting bear!

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North Island Guide Outfitters
Box 307, Campbell River, British Columbia V9W 5B1
Phone: (250) 850-1501

Black Bear hunts with North Island Guide Outfitters are conducted mainly in the Spring , using spot and stalk methods. There is no more exciting way to hunt black bears than looking over numerous bears and choosing the trophy that you would most like to harvest!

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Northern Wooodsman Outfitting
Westbank, British Columbia V4T 1A2
Phone: (407) 451-1244

There's always plenty of action during these black bear hunts! During spring season they are out enjoying the new shoots of all the vegetation. While fall they are devouring every last berry before winter. We have many Grizzly living in this territory. Their huge tracks are a sight to see. We offer both Spring and Fall hunts for Grizzly Bear. You can find them grazing over the abundant vegetation in the area. You may even get to see the sow with her 2009 triplets on the cut blocks of the many thousand acres, while glassing during your hunt. You should plan on more hiking into the hidden areas where the big ones like to stay. The thrill of hunting this grand animal is an adrenalin rush beyond your dreams.

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Telkwa River Outfitters
3150 Old Babine Lake Rd, Smithers, British Columbia V0J 2N6
Phone: (780) 617-6927

British Columbia is home to the largest population of black bear, estimated at 150,000 black bears province wide, making for some of the finest black bear hunting Canada has to offer.

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Tezwa Expeditions
Kitimat, British Columbia V8C 1T6
Phone: (403) 330-6767

It's no secret that the biggest bears come from the coast. Our black bear numbers are great, and big black bears are everywhere. Six foot bears are common and seven foot Black Bears are available to hunt if you are patient. Our area in Northern BC is literally loaded with grizzly to hunt. Years ago, due to political issues with Grizzly, the quota for Grizzly hunting was cut way back from what it was in the past to one bear every five years. On the only road in the 2100 square mile area, an Alcan employee sighted 29 grizzlies on a one way drive down the 15 mile road. Do the math on that. I don't know of a better chance to harvest a grizzly bear in all my years of hunting. Whether it's on the spring tidal grass or on the salmon runs....this is a great hunt.

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Trophy West Guide Outfitters
849 Island Highway, Sayward, British Columbia V0P 1R0
Phone: (250) 282-0021

Trophy West offers rifle, black powder and bow hunting for BC black bear. You also have a choice of either land based lodge hunting trips or boat based black bear hunting trips. With many salmon streams and rivers in our area including the Klinaklini, Franklin, Simms, and Glendale, our coastal grizzly bears are well nourished and grow to be some of the largest in the world. The famous Knight Inlet is home to some of the highest concentrations of grizzly bears found on the British Columbia coast. It is in the watersheds that feed Knight Inlet that we conduct our fall hunts. Knight Inlet has produced many of the record book entries for Boone & Crockett.

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