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DB Outfitting

DB Outfitting
Ben Sporer - Owner
15120 Quick Road West
Telkwa, BC V0J2X2

Contact Info:
Phone: (250) 267-2290


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If you are looking for a big black bear, British Columbia is the premier hunting location in Canada. With an estimated population of 160,000 bruins, our black bear hunt is exciting, with an extremely high success rate. In the spring black bears emerge from their dens with their coats at their very best and they are ravenous after the long winter. They feed on green grass along the roadsides and on south facing hillsides. The bears in our territory come in all kinds of color phases – ranging from jet black to cinnamon and chocolate brown. A mature black bear will average around the 6-foot mark with some extraordinary boars exceeding 7-foot nose to tail. Bear hunters in British Columbia have the option of archery, rifle or muzzleloader hunts. With the high density of bears in our territory, the chances for several stalks a day are high. Hunters have the option for a second bear, for an added trophy fee. All bear hunts are spot and stalk hunts with 4X4, on foot or by boat. It is not a physically challenging hunt, so we can cater to all ages and physical abilities.