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Telkwa River Outfitters

Telkwa River Outfitters
Rob Brown - Owner
3150 Old Babine Lake Rd
Smithers, BC V0J 2N6

Contact Info:
Phone: (780) 617-6927


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British Columbia is home to the largest population of black bear, estimated at 150,000 black bears province wide, making for some of the finest black bear hunting Canada has to offer. The largest Black Bears taken each year in the province of B.C. come from the central/northern coastal regions. All hunting for Black Bear in the province of British Columbia has to be done one of two ways, either by spotting the bear and stalking in for a shot or treeing the bear with hounds, then being shot for the base of the tree. Baiting of Black Bears is illegal throughout the entire province of British Columbia, because of this our Black Bears have an exceptional maturity rate!