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Manitoba Bear Hunting

Directory of 7 Manitoba Bear lodges, guides and outfitters in Manitoba.

Agassiz Outfitters
Provincial Trunk Highway 83, Roblin, Manitoba R0L 1P0
Phone: (888) 468-3394, Cell/Text: (204) 281-1918

Agassiz Outfitters offers Spring and Fall Manitoba black bear hunts with a rifle, muzzle or bow. Our untouched and remote wilderness Manitoba black bear hunts are done in over 3000 square miles of some of the most remote areas the Interlake Region has to offer, with most areas never being hunted! Agassiz Outfitters has over 25 years of outfitting experience.

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Riverside Lodge
Box 358, Dauphin, Manitoba R7N 2V2
Toll Free: (866) 214-8402

Our Snake Lake Camp boasts the 8th biggest Black Bear in the World, year 2000!! Over 8 foot square, 22 1/16 skull. Our hunts take place over baits, most of which are established for 20 years and the bears habitually take advantage of the fresh feed every spring and fall. We diligently keep the baits full and active. We accommodate rifle, shotgun, muzzle loader and archery hunters.

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Bear Crush Outfitters
PO Box 396, St. Laurent, Manitoba R0C 2S0
Phone: (204) 739-6459

Black bear hunting in Manitoba has never been better and Bear Crush Outfitters wants to put you in the center of the action. Our experienced guides will take you and your party to our prime hunting spots for a Bear Crushing experience like no other.

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Blind Creek Outfitters
Box 469, Fisher Branch, Manitoba R0C 0Z0
Phone: (204) 372-6892

Our Black Bear hunting management area is 34 square miles of prime bear habitat. Black Bears in our area are well fed and can get big. Black Bears are most common in the 125-pound to 250-pound range but there are much larger bears with a few trophies taken over the last few years that exceeded 350 pounds. Not only do Black Bears in our area get big, there is a high population so our hunting guests see bears almost every day. Sighting and hit rates are 100% with a 98% harvest rate. Rifle, Bow and Black Powder (Muzzleloaders) are all welcome. Black Bears in our area are also found in color variations, which are called Cinnamon Bears and Chocolate bears. Pure Black Bears are the most common.

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Hoards Hunting Camps
37 Devonshire Ave, Pinawa, Manitoba R0E1L0
Home: (204) 753-2924

Best Black Bear Outfitter in Manitoba, Canada Guaranteed.

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Mountain Oak Outfitters
Box 625, Ste Rose Du Lac, Manitoba R0L 1S0
Phone 1: (204) 732-2483, Phone 2: (204) 447-0017

Manitoba Canada has some of the best black bear hunting in North America, and Riding Mountain National Park is renowned to have some of the largest black bears in the world, along with the highest black bear density in Canada. Our hunting guides have more than 20 years experience hunting the boundary of Riding Mountain National Park, for these huge, color phase black bear, and offer you the greatest chance of a successful bear hunt.

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Munroe Lake Lodge
RPO Grant Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3M 3X8
Phone: (204) 475-1810

The Munroe Lake area has, in recent years, produced several Black Bears with a variety of color phases. You are invited to inquire about making your Fall hunt a Caribou/Bear or a Moose/Bear combination.

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