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Blind Creek Outfitters

Blind Creek Outfitters
Walter & Diane Dmyterko
Box 469
Fisher Branch, MB R0C 0Z0

Contact Info:
Phone: (204) 372-6892


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Our Black Bear hunting management area is 34 square miles of prime bear habitat. Black Bears in our area are well fed and can get big. Black Bears are most common in the 125-pound to 250-pound range but there are much larger bears with a few trophies taken over the last few years that exceeded 350 pounds. Not only do Black Bears in our area get big, there is a high population so our hunting guests see bears almost every day. Sighting and hit rates are 100% with a 98% harvest rate. Rifle, Bow and Black Powder (Muzzleloaders) are all welcome. Black Bears in our area are also found in color variations, which are called Cinnamon Bears and Chocolate bears. Pure Black Bears are the most common.