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Saskatchewan Bear Hunting

Directory of 18 Saskatchewan Bear lodges, guides and outfitters in Saskatchewan.

Bear Paw Outfitters
Kilometer 198 Hanson Lake Rd, Deschambault Lake, Saskatchewan S0K 2A0
Phone: (204) 745-3544

A typical day will begin on the deck in front of the cabin with a cup of freshly-brewed coffee and beautiful Saskatchewan morning. Once everyone has enjoyed a hearty breakfast some decisions will have to be made. The options will be to spend some time on the quad with your guide baiting, checking for bear activity and getting to know the country and various bait locations. Another option would be to take advantage of the great fishing in one of the local lakes. The last option for the die-hard bear hunter is to get into the tree stand first thing in the morning and break up the day how he or she desires.

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Bighorn Buck Adventures
Box 358, Pierceland, Saskatchewan S0M-2K0
Phone: (306) 839-4804

Our Black Bear hunts are 5 days long and are available in the Spring and the Fall. They are done from tree stands or ground blinds (your preference).We hunt off of baited area's at a distance that matches the weapon you have brought. Once your bear has been harvested , your guide will skin it specific to the type of mount that you would like. We live just off Saskatchewan`s Beaver River and attract a large number of color phase bears that can weigh upwards of 500 pounds! We prefer if you bring your own trusted harness with you.

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Bone Quest Outfitters
Box 306, White Fox, Saskatchewan S0J3B0
Phone: (306) 227-9637

5 day Black Bear hunts in East Central Saskatchewan. Our hunters see a lot of bears on the stands with a very good possibility of a giant at any point in the hunt. With a staff of experienced guides, trail cameras, and an intense but methodical baiting routine we are able to increase each of our hunters odds of harvesting a huge Saskatchewan back bear. Your bear hunt with us is sure to be a thrilling experience

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Buck Paradise
Box 186, Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan S0M 2G0
Phone: (780) 214-4638

Saskatchewan Black Bear! Heart pounding action, minimal hunting pressure, large area = large bears!

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Dahl Creek Outfitters
Box 645, Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan SOE OYO
Phone: (306) 865-2097

Prior to our first bear hunter's arrival, dozens of stand locations are baited for weeks, well before the hunt. In the weeks prior to the season, green up has barely begun and hungry bears coming out of hibernation are immediately attracted to our baited stand locations. As we freshen up these bait stations we can establish the size of bears by observing signs left behind, as well as, visit frequency. This alone establishes which stands at the time offer the greatest potential. As the season progresses and conditions change, we continue to evaluate stand activity, utilizing the most productive locations for our hunters.

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DNA Guiding & Consulting
Box 164, Waskesiu Lake, Saskatchewan S0J 2Y0
Phone: (306) 961-9162

DNA Guiding's lodge and hunting area is located just outside of Prince Albert National Park which boasts over one million acres of breath taking wildlife preserve. We offer 160,000 acres of mixed aspen, pine and spruce forests which grows some of the largest white tail deer and black bear in North America

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Dore Mountain Outfitters
Big River, Saskatchewan
Phone: (306) 314-3434

Dore Mountain Outfitters is a hunting business located in Sled Lake Saskatchewan Canada. This is a fully guided lodge to meet everyone's needs.

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Great Grey Outfitters
P.O. Box 239, Meath Park, Saskatchewan S0J 1T0
Phone: (306) 426-2772

Because Saskatchewan has one of the strongest populations of black bear in the world, it is the perfect place for your next big game hunt. This province also includes a high percentage of colored phase bears (cinnamon, chocolate, blonde) as part of spring hunting opportunities. Great Grey trips include exclusive access to habitat that provides even more unique and successful experiences, making this outfitter a favorite choice for many bear hunters.

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Highland Outfitters
1196 Bratton Road, Outlook, Saskatchewan S0L 2N0
Phone: (306) 867-9689

Here you are, sitting quietly in your tree stand enjoying the panoramic view of nature over your bait site peering into Saskatchewan’s famed northern forest land. While watching the playful martins scamper about, your heart starts pounding when all of a sudden a big bruin lumbers into your line of fire looking for a snack after a sleepy hibernation. Join us this spring for a full service black bear hunt from a beautiful lodge on Saskatchewan’s famed forest fringe.

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Kisslinger Outfitting
Box 59, La Loche, Saskatchewan S0M-1G0
Phone: (780) 913-7223

With Kisslinger Outfitting, you will hunt an area that is over 800,000 acres with 25 bait sites between 6 to 8 miles apart. Kisslinger Outfitting is the ONLY outfitter in this one bear ZONE! With five days of hunting you will see between 25 and 35 quality bears ranging from blond, cinnamon, chocolate and black. If you dream of huge trophy black bears, let Kisslinger Outfitting help to create memories that last a lifetime. Kisslinger Outfitting goes the extra mile to make your hunt an unforgettable experience.

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Kutawagan Outfitters
Box 70, Choiceland, Saskatchewan S0J 0M0
Phone: (306) 428-2032

Our hunting area is 192,000 acres (300 square miles) of prime Saskatchewan forest habitat. Huge black bears range through-out this area and we promise active baits that are “HOT!” We welcome archers.

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McKAY's SISIP Outfitters
PO Box 46, Cumberland House, Saskatchewan S0E 0S0
Phone: (306) 888-7067

The Cumberland House area is home to some of the finest big bucks, bears, and moose in Saskatchewan. It is a breeding ground for black bear which gives us Trophy bear hunting. There are black bears that range from 150lbs to 600 lbs. We have a heavy population of bears and hunters can find all colors of bears; from black, brown, cinnamon, and blonde. When you book in with us we are committed to the best possible hunts, finding the best stands in the best possible location for your hunting.

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MRL Outfitting
Box 1209, Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan S0E 0Y0
Phone: (306) 546-0414

We are a Licensed Outfitter of bear and deer in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. Let us be your hosts for your best "hunting experience ever". We offer accommodations and services that are second to none! Here’s a little information on what you can expect at Moose Range Lodge. Your day will start whenever you want it to. Breakfast will be served early-mid morning. You are than free to relax or go fishing.

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Northern Pine Outfitters
Box 484, Pierceland, Saskatchewan S0M 3K0
Phone: (306) 839-4601

We only hunt bear in the spring because the success rate is better and if a sow has cubs usually the newborns stay right with her. It is against the law to shoot a sow with newborn cubs at foot in Saskatchewan. Our bears range in colour from blonde to black and the average size is approximately 180 pounds, but we’ve harvested bears that would weigh in at 500 pounds in the fall. At Northern Pine Outfitters you can hunt with a bow, rifle or muzzle loader. We set our stands to accommodate whichever means you choose. We use a 12 foot ladder stand with railing or a blind.

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Proudfoot Outfitters
Spiritwood, Saskatchewan S0J 2M0
Phone: (704) 400-2688

Your connection to the finest Canadian Deer and Bear Hunting Outfitters. What sets us apart? We offer a first class hunt and first class facilities. We strive to give you good hospitality and make each hunter happy. We want to give you “The hunt of a lifetime”. There is one guide to every three hunters. We have experienced and friendly guides. We have warm heated blinds, and good home cooked meals. It’s home away from home.

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Safari River Outdoors
Box 2300, Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan S9X 1Z5
Phone: (306) 236-3905

Our five day spring black bear hunts are unbeatable. Black bear hunting in Canada should not be a hit or miss experience. Our high black bear hunting success rates are directly attributed to a large and productive hunting area and hard working guides who are willing to get back into the 170,000 acres of isolated terrain. We have acquired new unhunted bear area which we plan on exploring this spring.

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Saskatchewan River Hunting and Fishing Camps
1529 East Heights, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7J 3B4
Phone 1: (866) 486-8727

All of our clients have seen bear. The challenge is being in the right place when your "big bruin" comes in! Bear harvest is limited each year, resulting in high numbers of big animals being harvested. The largest Black Bear to date is 606 lb. We have also harvested some very old trophy animals. The oldest to date is a 32 year old black bear (the current provincial age record) with many bears in the 10 to 15 year range. If you are hoping for a trophy black bear of an unusual color, you have come to the right place! We harvest a high percentage of color bears (cinnamon, brown etc.) This is the start of the 9th year of an allocated outfitting area for big game. This means no other outfitter can trespass on our area, increasing your chance of success!

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Timberlost Outfitting
Box 271, Leoville, Saskatchewan S0J 1N0
Phone: (306) 821-2726

Timberlost Outfitting offers fully guided Saskatchewan, Canada Black Bear Hunting. We have a huge area for forest and farmland bear hunts; Timberlost has 20 forest bear tags on 88,000 acres and 20 farmland land bear tags on 1000 square miles. Our area has some of the most prime bear real estate in the province and country, and we have some of the best fishing around which we do every morning of the hunt. We’ve been seeing sows with four cubs quite frequently which is a sign of excellent habitat and breeding environment.

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