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Arizona Guided Hunts

Arizona Guided Hunts
Pat Feldt
P.O. Box 959
Vail, AZ 85641

Contact Info:
Phone: (520) 237-2705


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We are pleased to offer a unique bear hunting experience in Arizona! When searching for black bear hunts, many people would not ever think to look to Arizona. But, from recent experiences and publicity, more and more hunters are coming to realize that this State can provide some of the best trophy black bear hunting in the West. A glance at recent entries in the record books will show that Arizona has produced many "book" black bears. It is considered as a top choice for record-class bear hunting. Though the quantity of black bears in Arizona is not high by anyone's standards, the quality of the bears (whether it be color, body size, or record book potential) is why many bear hunters have come here.