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Alberta Hunting Company

Alberta Hunting Company
Jason Huellbusch - Owner
4995 Centre Ave, PO Box 240
New Sarepta, Alberta T0B3M0

Contact Info:
Mobile: (780) 678-5263



Our hunting area is home to one of the highest densities of black bears in all of North America. With the concentrated population comes a very high hunt success rate as well as the two bear limit our area has. Coupled with the remote wilderness with little hunting pressure, you will have a hunt that you won’t soon forget. With only one main access road into our area, we use the abundance of oil and logging roads and a few of the major cut lines to get around and target as many big bears as possible. The terrain is rolling hills, with a healthy mix of large timber and alders, as well as muskeg, making itself home to some very large bears. We offer baited and spot and stalk hunts in the spring from the beginning of May through early-mid June. The bears are very active at this time coming out of hibernation and are in search of easy food. Many bears in our area will be in the 250-350lb, 5 ½- 6 ½ foot range, with bears up to 8 feet and 500+ lbs being taken occasionally. Our area also has a variety of different color phase bears ranging from blonde or cinnamon to dark chocolate and black. You will see numerous bears and have an excellent opportunity at taking a trophy class bear. Our bait sites are very active and can expect to see multiple bears per night. Its not uncommon for hunters to see more than a dozen when in the stand! We have over 60 baits set up throughout our area and have cameras set on them. This gives us the best opportunity to put you on the biggest bear. The baited hunts allow you to size the bear more efficiently, assuring you that you take a trophy bear you will be happy with. The shooting distances for bow hunters average 15-25 yards and 50-100 yards for rifle hunters. Hunters will either be set in tree stands or ground blinds. Sitting on the ground surrounded by bears is a whole new adrenaline rush.